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What We Do

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Home Trial Program

Unable to make up your mind which equipment to get?


Worried that the speakers do not sound good in your room?


Now with our home trial program, we help you remove these doubts out of the equation! Contact our sales representatives to make arrangement!

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Calibration & Acoustics

Every room is unique in dimension and affected by peaks and cancellation. Through measurements and experiences, we seek to help you locate the best positions for your speakers and subwoofers.

Over at Earth Sound, we believe the room itself is the single most important component in a home theatre system. A great system is easily compromised by a poorly performing room. Acoustic treatment is the way we tune and manage this. Understanding how to optimise the acoustic environment in your cinema room is one of the things that separates “out of the box sound” from truly great results. We custom make our solutions to help you get the best out of your investment.


Design & Plan

Proper planning is the fundamental of every great theatre system. Before proceeding with major renovation or room makeover, it is important to carefully lay out the details and place careful attention to major components such as : 

- ceiling structure and vibration control
- cabinet vibration control and airflow
- speaker placement and angles
- screen mount framework

- baffle wall
- sound isolation
- paint colour
- curtain

Bring your floor plan over for a no-obligation discussion!

Our Promise To You





We do not simply sell you products. We tailor-make solutions to suit your needs.

We perform on-site analysis to offer the best solution for your environment.


We calibrate to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your setup.

We Create Exceptional Home Theatre Experiences that compete with the best.


Our Mission

Earth Sound was founded on the belief of bringing the best products and value to customer. Hobbyists turned professionals, we understand the fundamentals of home cinema and what it takes to achieve the optimum performance for each environment. Based on individual requirements, we will tailor-make solutions with the ultimate goal of bringing cinematic experiences to you. Our customers enjoy the Earth Sound shopping experience because of our immaculate attention to details and professional product support.


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