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Starke Sound Halo Elite 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System Review


The Starke Halo Elite 5.1 Speaker system has provided the most palpable and exciting home theater experience that I have had to date in my home. They make a bold statement both visually and sonically and they delivered the goods (and then some) with any material that I threw at them. They are not an inexpensive proposition to be sure, but the sonic performance, build quality and attention to detail that they provide a prospective owner is commensurate with their price tag IMHO. That and Starke, as a company, seems to show a certain level of flexibility for custom details and installation which an owner may find valuable. I came away impressed with every component of this outrageously powerful system. The build quality and finish of the speaker cabinets is first rate. The quality of the bespoke drivers is very much the same along with the performance of that monstrous A7 Mk II multi-channel amplifier. This is a dynamically devastating top-shelf combo of gear, and if you have the means to afford these particular Starke offerings, I would recommend that you give them serious consideration. As I, unfortunately, do not, I will keep my time with the Starke Halo Elite system fresh in my memory to use as a benchmark for any similar systems that may pass my way. Highly recommended.


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